Supercontinuum generation

[lang_en]Supercontinuum generation… Imagine a laser that emits a broad wavelength range from 400 to 1600 nm. Unthinkable in former times, as one of the features of a laser is its monochromaticity, a strongly peaked frequency spectrum. Really practical and used in our labs due to the availability of PCF nowadays. Caused by nonlinear effects in fibers. Eventually really useful stuff.

Last week John M. Dudley, one of the leading scientists in this area gave an invited talk in my institute and showed that he is also a really good talker. As I just now received a mail with a hint from my professor, that this talk is available online on John Dudley’s website, herewith I like to link and recommend it.

By the way. His observation of optical rogue waves (those on the oceans not only frightening surfers but also large cruisers) is also worth reading.