Present it

[lang_en]Today two meetings have been on my agenda. One of them, the weekly group meeting, is dominated by a talk of a member of the group, today presenting his master thesis. Of course content is what should convince and it did as the topic was really interesting. Especially for Prof. Russell it seems that the talk was also inspiring as he subsequently started over with a lot of ideas related to applications of the master thesis‘ topic on photonic crystal fibers, his area of research.

But nevertheless the whole thing reminded me of another aspect of talks like that. Not to say that today’s talk was not good from the point of view of rethorics but a short search leaded me via (de) to a really enjoyable collection of the presubably „top 10 bestpresentations ever„. Of course the selection is always also a question of personal taste but anyhow.

The whole thing seems a little bit of powerpoint karaoke or open parliamentary debating clubs, concentrating on the wrap instead of the content. By the side, when writing about talking of course I have to mention TED talks, a number of talks that are better than some TV show and slideshare (via): A funny idea to collect various free presentations for simple download and online browsing, a consistent continuation of Youtube for presentations, whether it’s useful or not, it is funny. It is the old question: Did powerpoint make talks worse? In case of university lectures my personal opinion is a clear yes. Who does not know a lecturer or colleague who gives his audience less than 5 seconds to pick up his message of one slide.

Enjoy this nice example of the perfection of powerpoint.