Great news NYT for free

[lang_en]There is some great news today. I’m not speaking about the depressing (r)evolution in Myanmar, with the military gaining overhand, once again offering the global powers of China and Russia the possibility to show that they are again and still the old, unreliable players, concentrated on their own benefit only, while Myanmar has now even started to censor weblogs (as known from China).

I’m talking about the great news that the New York Times have switched their print content to free on the net (thanks to S…r). I like The New York Times. I like their international articles. I like their great decision to open content. Only issues from 1923 to 1986 will not be free. That enables the webcommunity also to use the large NYT archive. Spiegel Online mentions(de) that the NYT plans to get even financial profit by this step through ads. We’ll see. But for sure the NYT has earned a special place in my newsreader and on Freiheitsfreund’s list of the daily read media.