German SPD – back to the populists

[lang_en]This is what I read about the new SPD (German social democrats) basic programme(de) as an English translation of a Slovakian comment. The translation is presented by eurotopics, which I added to my blogroll just some days ago. Read it yourself and keep in mind that what you read is the view of a former socialist country’s citizen.

„In 2003 Gerhard Schröder, the social democrat chancellor at the time, had great difficulties pushing through his Agenda 2010 reform programme. The unpopular measures didn’t go down well with either his party’s left wing or the voters. Four years later, now that the reforms are beginning to bear fruit, the Social Democrats are determined to correct their course. … The SPD is losing its followers, mainly to the Left Party and the Greens.

This is another reason why it has decided to make changes in social policy and also surprised not a few people regarding environmental issues. In a country where up to now there have been no speed limits on motorways it wants to introduce a top speed of 130 kph.“

A clearer analysis than most German media has achieved. A purley strategic party decisions. Purley populist phrases. A step backwards for a party that had subsequently discovered the modern reality and the inevitable necessarities of today’s politics in an evolving world of increasing freedom. A party that now rediscoveres socialism at its best to compete with the apparently emerging far left socialist party „Die Linke“, the successor of former GDR’s single political party „SED“.

On the occassion of this revisionism, here comes one of the most symptomatic anthems(de) that highlighted the significance of „the party“ in the German socialist regime: „Die Partei, die Partei, die hat immer Recht…“ „The party, the party, that is always right…“. By the side, the socialist anthem „the international“ has been sung by the SPD party congress itself. A song that has been dropped even by Russia yet. Enjoy the music: