Diversity of opinions on world politics

[lang_en]The great advantage of working in a highly international research group is the facility to discuss with several fellow students about topics with a large diversity of opinions. What might be the most controversial international up-to-date topic? The olympic games of course.

Honestly, for me, being used to discuss mainly with people who have merely likewise political opinions, it was really astonishing and educational to get to know the opinions of a Russian, a Lithuanian, a Chinese, a Taiwanese and a Hongkong Chinese on 1. the situation in Tibet (there are in fact competent, reflecting Chinese academics who have the opinion that is broadcasted by the Chinese media, as expected, those are not from Hongkong or Taiwan), 2. a boycot of the opympic games (you can imagine which is whose opinion?) 3. the „global terrorism“ and the United Nations, 4. how far the human rights are universal and if the model of democracy is applicable to every country.

Enriching, not only to dicuss the very details of German backwater politics. Unfortunately (or fortunately?) we did not yet discuss about the next olympic games in Russia. But hey, all of us still have a least common denominator: Working in science and physics which, at least, enabled us to find together again and to have a nice yesterevening in the end.