China is going to „re-educate“ Tibetans

[lang_en]Incredible for those who just were praising the Chinese state for an alleged successfull tradition of integrating minorities into the multi-ethnic Middle Kingdom 中国. But there appears what has already been mentioned by commentators less opportunist and blinded than the large mass of, a real problem as soon as the Olympic Games will approach further, politically completely incompetent commentators of sport events who borrow the phrases of the communist functionaries unquestioned.

The phrase of „re-education“ of citizens due to inopportune opinions should be outdated for a long time yet.

Angry Chinese Blogger now cites the China observer Karl Malakuna. This is how I got aware of an article of AFP:

BEIJING (AFP) — China has warned it would step up a controversial „re-education“ campaign for Tibetans after a fresh protest showed a huge security crackdown had failed to extinguish nearly one month of unrest.

The statement in the state-run Tibet Daily newspaper called for Buddhist monks to become Chinese patriots, but activist groups said the heavy-handed techniques already employed in the campaign were inflaming tensions.

Efforts by authorities to „re-educate“ monks at a monastery in Sichuan province in southwest China led to protests there on Thursday in which at least eight Tibetans were killed, the activist groups said.

China’s communist rulers have been deeply angered and embarrassed over the Tibetan unrest, as it has overshadowed its preparations for the Beijing Olympics and exposed other human rights issues. (via)

On Yahoo news we find a concretion of the term „re-education“ and a rough definition of what this means in China:

The state-run Tibet Daily quoted the region’s deputy Communist Party chief as telling a group of influential monks that „reinforcing patriotic education“ was now a top priority.

The International Campaign for Tibet said the re-education campaign, a tactic long used by the Communist Party, typically involved forcing Tibetans to denounce the Dalai Lama. (via)


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  1. Freiheitsfreund, thank you for the link and the translation. I like your page and linked your site.
    I followed your link to Angry Chinese Blogger:
    This story is remarkable. If Monks resist brainwashing they are punished. That is not the same as free countries allowing themselves to be brainwashed by commercial marketers. When free societies are brainwashed, we spend money and make corporations rich … the Chinese have not figured this out yet ;)
    By the way, you inspired me to add ‚FoxLingo‘ to my FireFox

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