Book about the stem cell discussion

[lang_en]Life As It Is: Biology for the Public Sphere bei Amazon für 17,99€
To add a word to my blogpost about the coward German decision to allow stem cell research only with cell-lines that are older than a cut-off date. I just read a book review on this topic in Nature „Life As It Is: Biology for the Public Sphere“, written by William F. Loomis. The book seems to be a good contribution to the discussion. A short excerpt from the review:

Policy-makers deciding between contending positions are ultimately forced to make political decisions, not scientific ones. Science — ideally, and in most cases — influences the thought of the proponents of the contending positions, and they in turn influence the policy-makers. But science is rarely the deciding factor. In many cases, such as the example of the human embryos in IVF, the contenders on both sides can agree on the science and disagree on the policy, owing to a disagreement about whether (and which) religious concerns are most relevant. And such disagreements are beyond the competence of science to adjudicate.

Life As It Is: Biology for the Public Sphere – by William F. Loomis -University of California Press: 2008. 272 pp. $24.95/17,99€