Physics and Philosophy

[lang_en]I don’t let grass grow under my feet and briefly recommend the open access online journal „Physics and Philosophy“ on the occassion that I just received the protocol of the general meeting of the division „Philosophie der Physik“ of the DPG (German Physical Society), founded in 2004 to bring together the two scientific worlds.

This apparently sense making combination seems to be usually discriminated; though a number of notable physisists have asked philosophical questions about the vulnerability of their theories on a meta level, including not least the nobel price winner Werner Heisenberg with his, recommendable, „Physics and Philosophy“ (orig. Physik und Philosophie). I read to relax during my preparation time for the theoretical examination for my diploma examinations what it is really good for to get a better context for the formulae, learned.

The mentioned journal is published by Brigitte Falkenburg, professor of philosophy in Dortmund and PhD in philosophy and physics and Prof. Dr. Dr. Wolfgang Rohde professor in physics. The last article by Holger Lyre dealing with „Time in Philosophy of Physics“ an interesting topic as I guess. I am going to read it betimes.