Encyclopædia Britannica for free for bloggers

[lang_en]I like the encyclopædia as an editorial alternative to the wikipedia which is meanwhile the most cited resource throughout the web, despite its weaknesses especially if a topic is strongly controversial discussed as it happens very often with topics that are hot in the bloggosphere.

It is called britannica webshare. As the Britannica webshare weblog lets us know, all frequent publishers of web content are allowed to subscribe, their website will be reviewed and free access for the publisher granted. Then, a widget shall allow to embed single articles to a blog post, enabling the readers access to just this article in the Encyclopædia.

I think: Worth trying. I have just subscribed. Keep curios, if I get access, I will for shure try it and embed it in future posts.

Via Basic and Techcrunsh[/lang_en]

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