Arrived at Caltech

[flickr id=“5963067690″ thumbnail=“small“ overlay=“true“ size=“medium“ group=““ align=“right“] Finally I made it. On Tuesday I arrived at Caltech and finished the overwhelmingly welcoming paperwork which I think is the first experience everywhere.

There are 3 months to spend here. As I can say so far, I guess I will not experience any rain during the time staying here. It’s really hot, always more than 30° C (I cannot yet think in F), but there usually is a slight nice wind from the pacific, going uphill to Pasadena. Additionally, fortunately, different than in my home institute at Erlangen, there are indispensably ACs even in the offices. The little city of Pasadena, next to L.A. makes a nice first impression. Culturally it is multifaceted and has a variety of international cultural offerings. And Caltech has a neat campus – my host family, renting me the room where I stay, called it „a little city in its own“. Research looks promising.

To give you a short impression, there are some pictures of what I saw up to now. Oh, yes, and I have already seen the legendary cheesecake factory. But Penny was not there.

Anything else? I think I will outside again.

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