San Diego

What happened durig the last week? San Diego was on my schedule. Not only as a turist but for a conference SPIE optics and photonics, which gave me the nice opportunity beside attending some interesting talks, to meet nice people from the community again.
Nevertheless I did get some impression of the city. It definitely has a slightly different style than L.A. Honestly, it reminded me a bit of Hamburg with their self-claimed „gate tothe world“.
An americanized version of Hamburg of course. Including the typical boulevards. And the Californian palms not really protecting one from the obligatory Californian sun. Actually it is not as hot in San Diego as it is in Pasadena. The adjacent Pacific has more side effects than just a university with a big own beach. I am not sure if a beach in front of the lecture hall windows is advantageous from the point of view of work motivation.
Unfortunately I have not had enough time to visit the much-praised San Diego zoo. Maybe another time. And on my way back I made an encounter with the much talked-about L.A. Street traffic. 6 lanes of still standing cars. That is somehow impressive and lets you perceive the term „free“way from a new, ironic perspective.
Some nice pictures of the harbor and the WW2 aircraft-carrier, which is there for display as a tourist attraction, will follow soon.
By the way, I am writing this article on my HP touchpad, which arrived during my stay at San Diego. The free, included app for writing on any wordpress blog seems very nicely made to me.